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29 October 2010 @ 11:48 pm
Some of you may already know I RP as an alternate version of Vertigo. Tonight, I shall share with you a small list of some of RP scenes she's been a part of, between sixwordstories and 8_dressing.

Vertigo and Hexadecimal from Reboot

Sauron and Vertigo <--Too bad the fight scene never got around to be completed.

One of her brainwashing sessions

Vertigo takes Bruce Wayne to someone she's made a sort of pact with.

Obviously I love this muse too much, even though she sometimes scares me. She's like a scaly female version of Satan. XD What's AU about her are basically a few things. She can pretty much flip between Schemer and Basket-Case mode at almost anytime (the proverbial two sided coin). She can change her size (like 7 feet tall to 30 feet tall). And my idea of how she became an immortal sorceress, traveling from dimension to dimension and conquering them is that she as a hatchling was attracted to the scent of a dark, meaty in texture fruit--potent and powerful. She ate it whole, and the magic had changed her and messed her mind up in which as to why she's half basket-case.
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18 May 2010 @ 12:28 pm
Hello everyone. I joined here a few weeks ago and am only just now getting around to posting. I have been a fan of Primal Rage since the start. I'm an arcade player and think this game is the best on the arcade because of the control. I quickly became good at this game while I was in college. There was a game room there and I would go between classes and play and play. My favorite characters were Talon and Sauron because of their moves and personalities. I became an expert with Talon and used my 15 hit combo Warp Factor 9. I considered myself the rage queen and because of it I decided to prove it by putting my name as the high score on all the machines in my town. It would let you write a sentence and my motto was "Rex bite is might" It fit perfectly. Also IF anyone could possibly knock down my score you were only allowed three letters and it would become just Rex. But yeah who could possibly knock down a six million something score from all the machines in town? I thought it was mine until someone "jerk" named CAH began pushing me into second place. WTF? How dare he! So I had to go and put my name back up and this went back and forth on about five different machines. Long story short I finally met CAH at a bowling alley that had the biggest arcade in town. He became my boyfriend and we eventually got married. We have the motto, "We'll always have Rage." But we still were very competative with each other.

But I did get one machine he was never able to defeate. If you beat the game and started over to get more points it would lock up when you were in final battle. Well once I finally managed to beat it a second time for seven million points without it locking up. No one else I know has ever done that. So I am sure I hold the highest score anywhere. Chris and I collected a whole bunch of rage stuff and our prized possetion is that I actually bought and own the arcade. His name is still in 1st on that one and I just never bothered to knock it down. I do have pictures but this is back in the 90s on a film camera. If I find them I will scan them and post them. I need to go through and scan several old pictures actually of different things.

I'm also an artist and I made a short comic book where Talon kills barney the dinosore. Those aren't typos hehe. I'll share it with you now but be warned it's bloody...hehe if you like this game that shouldn't be an issue. But just in case I'll put the pages behind a link.

barney feels the fury 1

barney feels the fury 2

I'm a much better artist now, but I just haven't drawn anything in a long time. I'm sure I could do so much better with Talon and the gang.
I'm also credited as "Raptor" on the official text FAQ that's online.
Oh btw, my name is Des. Sounds like "Mess".
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It's going to be set up around here, on Livejournal. :) I just finished the long version of the premise and would like to share! This contains some reworded excerpts and quotations from the Primal Rage novel by John Vornholt, by the way. See, I wanted to include that, the whole Day of Reckoning, with Balsafas coming in and casting the Bonds of Forbidding...

You guys are going to be the first to see this. The game is still in brainstorming stage though, but I'm so excited to start writing out ideas soon!

The whole thing is like five pages long on Microsoft Word, so no doubt this is going under a cut.Collapse )

I know the answer to one question that some of you may be wondering. "Do we get to RP as any of the gods?" Yup, you do! I already have dibs on Vertigo, and I know Sarah (mewtwowarrior) has been interested in taking on Talon. All the others are definitely open. Even Chaos, or Professor Shank Traff I think the scientist's name is. The guy who wanted to replicate himself as a god like Blizzard.
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Some of you may have already heard at least some of these songs. If you haven't, then feel free to look them up. #5 is actually an instrumental I did. SilverFox Jams is my artist name at www.acidplanet.com

1] Breaking Benjamin - "Hopeless"

2] Breaking Benjamin - "What Lies Beneath"

3] Breaking Benjamin - "Lights Out"

4] Primal Rage Arcade Soundtrack: All the Rage - "At Stonehenge"

5] SilverFox Jams - "Vertigo"

6] Jay Gordon/Linkin Park - "Pts.Of.Athrty"

7] Linkin Park - "Papercut"

8] Juno Reactor - "Conga Fury"

9] Juno Reactor - "God is God"

10] Juno Reactor - "Komit"

11] Metallica - "Master of Puppets"

12] Metallica - "The Shortest Straw"

13] Metallica - "The Frayed Ends of Sanity"

14] Spinal Tap - "Stonehenge"
10 March 2010 @ 08:16 pm
Here's some Verti icons I did. All of these I did for a character journal. I plan to do more just for the heck of it soon, and I'll add them on here. A bunch of thanks forever goes out to mewtwowarrior, kth_dragon @ DeviantART, Typhoon89 @ DeviantART, hawanja @ DeviantART, and DrakainaQueen @ DeviantART. Without any of these people, the following would not exist.

1) Comments are welcome and appreciated!
2) Please credit me if you decide to use any of these!


No longer can Balsafas hold her... Vertigo the Queen has escaped from the belly of the moon.Collapse )
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01 March 2010 @ 11:54 pm
Here's some random Primal Rage information and links I've gathered.  Most screenshots are themed to Talon.

The screenshots and icons below can be used for any purposes, as long as I, mewtwowarrior, am credited for taking/making them.  Thanks!  ^_^

Arcade - Talon Screenshots
Vertigo Screenshots

3DO - Screenshots

SEGA 32X - Screenshots

Nintendo Game Boy - Screenshots

SEGA Game Gear - Screenshots

SEGA Genesis - Screenshots

Atari Jaguar CD - Screenshots

Sony Playstation - Screenshots

SEGA Saturn - Screenshots

Super Nintendo - Screenshots

Versions I don't have screenshots for:

Nintendo Gamecube - Midway Arcade Treasures 2
Windows/PC - Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition
Sony Playstation - Midway Arcade Treasures 2
Microsoft Xbox - Midway Arcade Treasures 2

My Primal Rage icons hosted to my Photobucket

Below, I've listed the colors of the followers of each character.  Sometimes it was hard to come up with a name for some of the colors, so they could be different that from what other people list them as.

The human followers of each character wear the following colors:

Talon - Gray and White
Armadon - Bright Green and Dark Green
Vertigo - Turquoise and Teal
Blizzard - Blue and Purplely-Blue
Chaos - Bright Yellow and Faded Yellow
Diablo - Red and Dark Red
Sauron - Bright Purple and Dark Purple

The Super Nintendo version changes some of the colors.

SNES follower colors:

Talon - Blue-gray and Dark gray
Armadon - Yellow and Faded Yellow
Vertigo - Blue and Purpley-Blue
Blizzard - Dark Teal and Light Teal
Chaos - Red and Faded Red
Diablo - Orange and Dark Orange
Sauron - Purple and Pink

Random Links

Primal Rage comic by Sirius - Covers

Primal Rage: The Avatars by John Vornholdt - Amazon

Wikipedia's Primal Rage Page

Primal Rage on TV Tropes

Everyone's Endings on Super Nintendo

Primal Rage Game Manual

Primal Rage Characters Made for Dungeons and Dragons

Primal Rage Boardgame

Description of the Primal Rage Book

Character Concept Art

A Primal Rage FAQ With More Information

Primal Rage Information

Primal Rage Information and Tips

Primal Rage Arcade Fliers and Information
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26 February 2010 @ 01:12 pm
For that I shall start with the Commandments of Talonism, for he is my most favorite character of PR. This is not exactly made to be taken all that seriously btw. It's just all in good fun. xD

1) Thou shalt not deny that Talon is the coolest raptor ever.

2) Thou shalt not bash Talon.

3) Thou shalt not hide your beliefs from Talon bashers.

4) Thou shalt at least have made, or attempted any fanwork about him.

5)Thou shalt worship Talon at least once every few weeks.

6)Thou must have the action figure!!!